About St. Faustina

Saint Faustina Kowalska

It was in the summer of 1905 that Helena Kowalska was born in Lodz province Poland. She was the third of ten children and she was baptized two days after her birth.

From a very early age Helena stood out from so many other children with her piety, obedience, love of prayer and love of all who were in trouble or misery. She received very little schooling and was educated formally only through the third grade. Most of her early years was spent helping her mother at home, praying and ministering to those in need. In 1912 two years before making her First Communion she heard a voice in her “soul” calling her to a more perfect way of life. This had to have quite an impact on the life of a seven year old yet Helena continued to listen follow everything that was asked of her.

By the time she was fourteen she left home to work as a domestic in nearby towns in order to help her parents financially. After working outside the home for one year Helena returned home only to meet up with opposition when she expressed her wish to enter the convent. Once again in obedience to her parents wishes she left home again and sought employment in order to ease the burdens of her parents. Finally, in July of 1924 Helen went to Warsaw and applied to the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. She was not immediately accepted but by August first of 1925 she was accepted after two weeks she felt she wanted to leave the order as she did not feel there was enough time to pray. During this period of time she went through many trials where she experienced dark times when she no longer was able to feel the presence of Our Blessed Lord nor His Merciful Love. After numerous probation periods and moves from one convent to another Helena finally makes her perpetual vows on May 1, 1933 in Cracow, Poland and receives the religious name of Sister Maria Faustina.

During this entire time she continues to have visions of the Lord and He communicates many special messages for our times especially about His unending love and Mercy for each one of us. At this time I would love to suggest that each of you reading this purchase Sister Faustina’s diary and you will immediately see your entire life transformed. There is also a shorter book presented by Rev. George Kosicki C.S.B. and published by St. Anthony Messenger Press. The title is Revelations of Divine Mercy and it is a compilation of some of the readings from the Diary of St. Faustina.

In 2000 Pope John Paul canonized St. Faustina and bestowed the title of “Apostle Of Divine Mercy” upon her. St. Faustina and her messages of Divine Mercy are straight from heaven and presented by Our Dear Lord with all the love, understanding and Mercy that He can offer. Regardless of one’s religion I have never heard anyone who has read the Diary who’s life has not been deeply touched , rewarded and enriched!!!!!